Sounding Underground London - Paris - Mexico You will travel through the three metros via Sounding Underground. Feel free to wander in the interface. In this virtual underground the "stations" are "sound spaces", each having sonic features that are either unique to one metro or shared among the three. Find the connections to your life and to your experience. You can also use the map to know where you are!
If you wish, you can write your thoughts via the writing tool inside the environment. Your memories will be published on the Listening and Remembering page.
To enjoy this work at its best please navigate in a dark room. Please use just the light coming from the computer.
For the journey you should use headphones, since the recordings are binaural!. The best viewing and listening of this work is in a dark room. You need to have Flash Player 10 installed on your computer. If you don't have it please download it here. To start your journey click on "Start Journey". Enjoy! Start Journey
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