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Alarcon, Ximena (2011). "Listening and Remembering: Networked off-line improvisation for four commuters" in CITAR Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, Revista de Ciência e Tecnologias das Artes. Issue 3, Autumn 2011. Portuguese Catholic University:Porto
Alarcon, Ximena (2011). "Sounding Underground: Listening, performing and transforming the commuting experience". Sensate Journal. A Journal for experiments in critical media. [on-line publication]. Incubated at the Sensory Ethnography and MetaLab (at) Harvard.
Alarcón, Ximena (2007). "An Interactive Environment derived from commuters' memories of the soundscape: a case study of the London Underground." PhD Thesis. De Montfort University: Leicester.
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