Sounding Underground London - Paris - Mexico gcmountain Guillaume is a wanderluster. Always up for new experiences and open to innovative ideas, he wants to make "life-long learning" more than just a theoretical concept, but a reality. "I was born in Grenoble, a middle-sized city located in the heart of the French Alps. I grew up surrounded by friends of my parents visiting us from India, Bulgaria, Italy Sweden, and many other places. Maybe that is partly why chose international studies and began to build relationships with people from around the world, and with different backgrounds." "When I moved to Seattle I had to adapt quickly to a new culture. I have to acknowledge that this was a founding moment of my life, especially thanks to the people I met. Living in a foreign country should be mandatory for all of us!" "Going back to France, I am still keeping an eye on international relations and geopolitical issues, and try to make my life an experiment of poetic moments, based on both the reality of the world surrounding me and my imagination." Guillaume Cravero
Contribution: Experiences, Sounds, Improvisation
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